Core server info


A Starbound server aiming to attract all players, new and experienced alike, with a friendly and helpful community.

Server address:
Version: 1.4.4, on the stable branch
Server started on 1.0, join us today!

Should this place prove popular, this mini-site will be expanded!


2021-03-07: Considering the limitations of its moderation capabilities and general lack of interest, I'll be shutting down the Starbound server in a month, on 4 April.

If you have supplies there, remember that the content of your ship carries across worlds and servers, so be sure to bring up anything you don't want to lose. I hope the players enjoyed their journey!

2019-08-24: We've updated to 1.4.4. The new version only contains bug fixes and is backwards compatible with 1.4.3!

2019-06-18: Starbound 1.4.1 is now available and powering our server. Bounty hunters, please report in for your next mission!

2018-10-18: The server has been updated to 1.3.4 today. The only published changes are about rich integration within Discord for in-game players.

2018-01-07: Starting next month, I'll set the server to automatically delete planets and areas that haven't been accessed in over six months. This is being done to save some disk space, as the universe is growing rather large. Remember that you can always keep your most valuable items aboard your ship, which is saved outside of the server itself!

2017-10-18: We've updated to 1.3.3 to ensure server stability!

2017-07-19: We're now up to the latest version, 1.3.2!

2017-06-20: The server has been updated to 1.3.1, with several bug fixes and improvements!

2017-06-08: Starbound 1.3 - The Spacefarer Update has been released today! As its name indicates, this new version has a focus on space exploration. You can get on that at any time, as the server is now on 1.3 as well!

2017-05-27: For those you looking to stay in-touch through Discord, I'm happy to announce that we now have a full link-up available with the in-game chat and the existing IRC channel! This means that you can now be on Discord and chat with the in-game players whenever you wish.

To do so, please join the Discord server at and look at the #avianslab channel!

2017-01-29: Off to 1.2.2 we go!

2017-01-11: The server is now up to 1.2.1! Sorry about the delay on this one, I was under the impression that it was compatible with the base 1.2... and I was wrong! Don't hesitate to contact me if this happens again.

2016-12-18: We're now running the latest game version, 1.2! This fixes the long-standing bug about the chat text having the wrong color. Enjoy!

2016-09-19: I've upgraded us to 1.1.1, with the promise of bug fixes! I'm aware that the chat's color is unreadable at times, that seems to be a game bug that is yet to be fixed.

2016-09-08: The server is now on 1.1, with new features such as FISHING!

Also, for those interested, Starbound is currently 15% off on!

2016-08-30: The bug where various players located on a same ship couldn't see each other has been fixed. As suspected, it was related to slightly broken player permissions.

2016-08-22: Now with an actual logo, header and starry background!

2016-08-04: Quick jump to 1.0.5 to fix a player profile bug!

2016-08-02: The server has been updated to 1.0.4!

2016-07-29: We're now running the latest version, 1.0.3.

2016-07-28: We're live, less than a week after the launch of Starbound 1.0! Hello world!


The rules we currently have in place are simple and made to keep the general mood friendly and be welcoming to everyone.

  1. No griefing
  2. No player traps
  3. Respect private property
  4. No game hacks
  5. Family friendly


Feel free to join us for a chat in the chatroom! We're using an IRC channel with a web interface available as an alternative. The entire system is linked to our game server: you can chat directly with the people in-game, and them with you!

Those who already have an IRC client can connect to on ports 6666-6669 and 7000, in the channel #interordi-starbound. Alternatively, use the option offered below.

Please keep in mind a few basic rules: don't spam, don't impersonate someone else, don't fight with others, and keep the discussion clean for everyone. Thank you!

AJAX client

The AJAX client will work behind any kind of firewall or limited Internet connections and doesn't require any setup on your computer, tablet or phone.

Be sure to enter #interordi-starbound as the channel to join!


We have a Discord server available, also linked with the in-game chat! Use this invite link to access it: , and look at the #avianslab channel.


If you want to contribute financially to this and other projects on the network, you have two options:


Paypal can be used for single contributions to help cover ongoing server fees and help fund future expansions. You can give any amount of your choosing. Note that you don't need a Paypal account to use this, only a valid credit card!


Patreon uses a subscription model. You pick an amount of your choosing, a pledge level (if applicable), then you get charged every month. You can cancel at any time directly from the website. The ongoing campaign is to help finance all of Dr. Cossack's projects, and not just the Avian's Lab.

Patreon link

Thank you for considering either option!